Eyewear Style Consultation

Access to your own personal style consultant is part of the visual eyes difference.


People are like mosaics, created from many wonderful pieces, large and small, and colourful with each piece being unique and beautiful in its own way. Together these details form a complete picture, a character: our own personality. Our personality determines our actions and encourages us to be confident or to express our timid side, it celebrates being in the centre of attention or remains silent and out of sight. Even our charisma and appearance, styling and style are unique expressions of our personality.

A personality analysis is one of the most important consultation steps to ensure that the eyewear selected is both a part and an expression of the individual’s character.

Not everyone feels confident about their own style. Our task is to assist the client in finding their own personal style, to guide and lead them in the right direction, but most importantly to advise them.

The first impression is decisive. We generally already have a good picture of the client’s personality within only a few seconds and are able to bring it to life with the many choices in eyewear at hand. While different style types such as: classic, easy-going, athletic, self confident, romantic or creative guide us, we don’t intend to place people into boxes and reduce them to only a few characteristics. We want to discover the diversity of the personality and take this into account in order to find the perfect pair of glasses.

Colour Matching

Once the personality is established, the use and prescription requirements are assessed, it then becomes time to analyze the face shape, size, eye placement and eye shape/inclination along with bridge size and length and of course colour preferences.

Our job is made easier if you already have had your colours done. The psychology of colour is an important consideration when choosing frames. Colour is a strong factor in creating first impressions and can influence your mood and emotions. In the 1930’s, German colour theorist Johannes Itten highlighted the relationship between a person’s natural colouring – hair, skin, eye colour – and the person’s favourite colours.

Itten’s theory served as the basis for determining personal colours and colour harmony. He concluded there were four types of personal colours according to the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Spring complexion is ivory-coloured, golden-beige, peach-coloured or rosy. Eyes are light to dark blue, greenish-blue, golden-green or light golden-brown. Spring types can have blonde, red, light brown, dark brown, grey or white hair. Fruity, warm tones compliment Spring skin.


A typical Summer skin is a light rosy colour. Eyes are generally blue, greyish-blue, greenish-blue or light brown. Ash-blonde, medium-blonde, light brown or grey hair is common for Summer types who are best suited to strong pastel tones and should avoid loud and bright colours.


Autumn skin is ivory-coloured, light or dark beige, peach coloured or rosy with golden-brown freckles. Eyes are light to dark brown, golden-green, greenish-blue or greenish-brown. Honey-coloured, brownish-blonde hair is common but red-haired people, with all shades from bright red to chestnut brown, belong to the Autumn category also. An Autumn type looks good in green, rust and yellow tones.


White, beige-olive hues, brown or black are Winter skin colours. There are more winter types than any others with eyes that are light to dark brown, greyish-blue, greyish-green, yellowish-green, turquoise, dark blue or yellowish-brown. Winter types prefer cool, contrasting colours such as black, white, red, royal blue, lemon yellow or emerald that are combined with pastel tones from the same colour groups.

If you are not sure which colours might suit, you might consider bringing in some of your favourite clothes, or check your wardrobe for colours you are naturally and consistently drawn to. We will soon work out, weather the “warmer” or “cooler” tones are best to lift your skin tone and harmonize with your individual colouring.

Facial Features

Selecting a suitable frame for your face shape shouldn't’t be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

There are 4 basic face shapes – oval, round, square and heart shaped.

Oval Shaped Faces

Several styles suit oval shaped faces, including curved, angled, conservative and directional frames.

Round Shaped Faces

Aim to make your face appear longer and thinner with square shaped frames featuring high temples and soft curves. Rectangular, oxford, bevel led and pentagon shapes are recommended for faces with full cheeks and few angles but frames should not be wider than your face.

Square Shaped Faces

Square faces can be softened using curves, slightly angular shapes and asymmetric lines. Frames should be deep rather than wide. Top heavy temples that sit above eye level with help create length. Aviator, oval, panto and high triangle shapes suit square faces.

Heart Shaped Faces

Try to balance your narrow jaw and chin with your cheek bones. Choose low positioned framed temples and frames that taper from the top and flare at the cheeks like cat’s eye shapes.


The shape and inclination of your eyes should be harmonious with the rim of your frames. High set eyes are complimented with frames drawn upward and outward. Horizontal frames, such as oval or square shapes, are best suited to round eyes. Narrow set eyes can be enhanced with a dominant trim - temple design, eye - rims that delicately taper inward and a narrow bridge.

Conversely, placing emphasis on the nose zone with strong colouring and rims that taper outward are suitable for wide set eyes.


A high or keyhole bridge can compensate for a short nose while deep set bridges can optically shorten long noses. A high bridge curving upward makes a broad nose appear longer and narrower. Narrow noses are best disguised with a deep, straight bridge or a downward-pointing bridge.

At Visual Eyes Optometry, we understand the process of finding that perfect pair of frames can be quite daunting. That's why our "in-house" Optical Style Consultant and trained staff are ready to help make the entire process enjoyable and stress free. To book a Style Consultation with Christiane Wenzel-Revis and find your perfect frames, either phone one or our branches to make and appointment or use our contact form.

My Visual Eyes Optometry experience was thoroughly professional and enjoyable from start to finish. I have never had a more comprehensive eye test ...

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